Money supply in Ukraine in Nov down by 1.3%


Money supply increased by 1.3% in November 2014, to UAH 971.8 billion, monetary base in Ukraine in September fell by 1.2%, to UAH 328.4 billion, according to the website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

According to the report, the volume of cash outside banks in November increased by 0.3%, to UAH 282.4 billion.

According to the NBU, the total amount of deposits in the national currency in November compared to the previous month decreased by 1.4%, to UAH 362.9 billion, with deposits of individuals decreased by 1.5%, to UAH 202.5 billion.

The volume of deposits in foreign currency in the past month fell by 8.6%, to $21.7 billion, in particular, deposits of legal entities - by 17.5%, to $7.4 billion.

According to the report, the reduction in hryvnia loans in November was 1.3%, to UAH 540.3 billion: loans issued to legal entities decreased by 1.1%, to UAH 430.9 billion, to individuals - by 2.2%, to UAH 109.4 billion.

Loans in foreign currency decreased by 4.9%, to $31.6 billion, in particular those of legal entities - by 5.1%, to $25.1 billion, individuals - 4%, to $6.5 billion.

According to the NBU, the volume of banks' correspondent accounts at the NBU in November narrowed by 9%, to UAH 25.1 billion. The volume of obligatory reserves amounted to UAH 38 billion in November, in particular UAH 300 million was transferred to the separate account at the central bank.

According to the central bank, the volume of bank refinancing by the NBU in November was UAH 27.2 billion (from the beginning of the year – UAH 179.3 billion), and the average weighted interest rate on these transactions reached 17.82% per annum (from the beginning of the year - 15%).

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