ATO participants to get UAH 1,000 for day of participating in combat

ATO participants to get UAH 1,000 for day of participating in combat

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has passed a resolution, according to which antiterrorist operation (ATO) participants will receive an additional remuneration for destruction of armament of enemy troops and their salaries will be increased, the press service of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine has reported.

According to the report posted on the ministry’s website late on Wednesday, the cabinet resolution foresees the doubled salary for servicemen participating directly in the ATO, military conflicts; tripled salary for servicemen who participate directly in combat operations since war time declaration.

The ministry said that UAH 1,000 will be paid to servicemen per each 24 hours of their direct participation in combat operations.

«An additional bonus for destruction of enemy’s armament is the following: vehicle destruction — 10 minimum salaries (UAH 12,000); tank — 40 minimum salaries (UAH 48,000); multiple rocket launcher — 50 minimum salaries (UAH 60,000); combat aircraft — 100 minimum salaries (UAH 121,000),» reads the report.

The resolution enters into force on the date of its official publication.

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