Ukrainian prosecutors complete massacre inquiry against three Berkut officers


The pre-trial criminal investigation against Berkut special police officers suspected of killing 39 protestors on February 20, 2014, is complete, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office said on Friday.

"The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office has completed the pre-trial criminal investigation with respect to the company commander of the Berkut special-forces police regiment of the Kyiv Central Police Department and two of his subordinates from the aforesaid special unit," the spokesperson said.

The suspects, their defense attorneys, and the victims and their representatives have been notified of the completion of the inquiry and having been given access to the case files in accordance with Article 290 of the Ukrainian Criminal Procedure Code, prosecutors said.

The case files have been available to the parties as of September 10.

"The pre-trial investigation has found that these individuals, along with other law enforcement officers, acting in compliance with the criminal orders given by their former bosses and law enforcement authorities, and in excess of their authority … deliberately killed 39 protestors in Instytutska Street in Kyiv on the morning of February 20, 2014," the statement said.

The evidence gathered by investigators gives reason to suspect these three individuals of being involved in these events, the spokesperson said.

"The pre-trial investigation continues against other officers, including high-ranking officials and senior and rank-and-file law enforcement officers. A whole host of individuals have also been declared wanted suspects," the spokesperson said.

Investigators continue working to find out the circumstances surrounding the killings of other people in January-February 2014, and the causing of gunshot wounds to 180 demonstrators.

"In view of the large amount of forensic tests to be carried out and the need to conduct a whole host of investigative procedures, the inquiry into these facts continues," the Prosecutor General's Office said.

Sourse: Interfax-Ukraine

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